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July 2022: What’s Going on with the Market?

The real estate market is going through some interesting times this summer.  We have low inventory, prices are holding at all time highs, and interest rates are up about 2% from the start of the year.  When viewed with my 2021 goggles on, it looks like buyers have gone on vacation this summer.  While some may just be on vacation and put their home search on hold, others may have stopped looking...

The Wealth Effect – Are You Feeling It?

The Wealth Effect What is the wealth effect? It can be described in simple terms as “if my neighbor just got that price for their home, then I can get that or more for mine!” It’s the effect of seeing a too good to refuse number to get a seller motivated to sell. At least that’s what buyers are hoping. As prices continue to climb to record highs, it’s the wealth effect that often drives “maybe...

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