Community Spotlight: Interior Designer Kate Lester, Kate Lester Interiors

We sat down with Interior Designer Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors to get the scoop on what’s trending in home design and get some tips for our readers looking to do some updating this summer….

Q: What’s your favorite trend in home design for 2018?
KL: I am not super in to following trends of the moment, but I will say that something we are doing a lot of right now is now is leaving walls white and painting trim and paneling instead. I think the juxtaposition of color and sheen on the woodwork is visually interesting and instantly gives a more sophisticated vibe to a space.

(and added in a follow-up to the answer above…)  There are a few things we do all the time, that I refuse to stop anytime soon… 1.) Using rad swivel chairs. 2.) Putting plants in baskets. 3.) Styling books in a bookcase with the spines facing the back. 4.) Painting millwork a color and leaving walls white. 5.) Woven shades. I have no idea if these are trends or not, but they are my jam right now, So there you go.

Q: What are some things a homeowner can do to freshen up their look without a huge budget?
KL: Paint, Paint, Paint! Updating paint colors throughout the house is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to freshen up a dated look. I love a crisp clean white throughout (Simply White by Benjamin Moore), and adding pops of color via rugs, art, and accessories. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware on a more dated bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinetry will also breathe new life into the space. Lastly, changing-out existing light fixtures like bathroom sconces or older chandeliers will instantly give a space a new look and feel.

Q: What is something you encourage your clients to splurge on when updating their interiors?
KL: I always encourage people to splurge a bit on things where they will get a lot of “wow-factor” for their investment. Examples of this are marble countertops, statement light fixtures, and always, always, high quality upholstery. I also constantly encourage my clients to splurge on unique or one-of-a-kind items. Buy the original art or hand-block-printed pillows. This is one of the reasons why we carry so many of these types of items at kate lester HOME. It gives your space a more chic and curated feel and when you collect bespoke finds, and don’t have the same things as everyone else!

If you would like to get in touch with Kate or want a little inspiration, you can contact her via the info below or visit her shop in Hermosa Beach or follow her design inspired instagram feed (linked below).

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