New Year, New Listings, and Plenty of Rain

Along with plenty of rain, there has been a flood of new Valmonte homes for sale to start 2017.  After reaching new price records in 2016, 2017 may be the year that sellers sitting on the fence decide it’s time to make their move.  If the first 2 weeks of 2017 is any indicator, this could be a record year in terms of the number of homes sold.  Here’s a run through what’s currently on the market, and a few that already made it into escrow….

Available Homes

4240 Via Alondra, $1,249,000 – No, it’s not still 2016.  After originally coming on the market January 18th, 2016, and with $250k in price reductions plus some leveling and work to the backyard, this home is waiting for someone to buy the lowest price/foot home on the market in years ($497/foot).  It’s located on Valmonte Canyon and offers peaceful views and a quiet setting with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Paseo Del Campo

3213 Paseo Del Campo, $1,335,000 – Yes, del Campo under $2 million!  Located across from the golf course and situated 20 feet above the street, this original home with vaulted ceilings and views is ready for a makeover and some new life.  This one has great upside potential for the owner willing to do some improvements.  The word on the street is there are several offers in hand and I expect this to close closer to $1.5m – $1.6m given the location and nearly 2,200 square feet.

2545 Via Anita, $1,519,000 – Priced at the average price/foot of $759/foot, this Via Anita house in the grove is back on the market after a year and half break.  It was last listed at $1,549,000 by the sellers who purchased the home in July 2013 for $1,395,000.  The house is great for an owner looking for a thoroughly updated house with 4 bedrooms in Valmonte.  It also features a great patio for entertaining.  The only downside is if you’re looking for something with a large yard for the dogs or kids, this may not be the one for you.

2545 Via Anita

2001 PV Drive North, $1,550,000 – This is another great house for the buyer looking for 4 bedrooms and a move-in ready home.  The house is light and bright with nice golf course and hillside views.  The downside is the lack of backyard, and as we experienced selling 3025 PV Drive North last year, some buyers won’t even consider a home on the drive.  That said, plenty of homes on the drive sell each year and with the great finishes and floor plan, I expect this one to be gone soon.

3705 Via La Selva, $1,588,000 – At 2,423 square feet in the “sun belt” of Valmonte, this 4 bedroom, 2 story house has plenty of room for a family looking for extra space.  Add a pool and you have a home that promises to be the place where your kids’ friends want to hang out.  This one is priced below the average price/foot at $655/foot, leaving some money left to upgrade a few of the bathrooms.

300 Via Navajo, $2,500,000 – 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, and 4,017 square feet (plus a 700′ basement not in the square footage) makes this one of the largest homes in Valmonte.  As you might expect, there’s not much missing from this house.  Room for a large family – check; guest room – check; home gym or man-cave – check; gourmet kitchen – check.  If you’re in the market for a large home, give me a call to set up an appointment to see it in person.

3806 Via Palomino, $2,565,000 – If you want a home that will remind you of luxury hotels you’ve enjoyed during your vacations, this is the one.  Via Palomino is one of the most exclusive streets on the hill, and this home fits the bill for that street.  Top end custom finishes, privacy, and fireplaces for a cozy intimate feel round out the luxury feel.

3609 Navajo Place, $2,895,000 – There aren’t many homes on a half-acre in Valmonte, and this Williamsburg Colonial is one of the few opportunities you’ll get to buy one.  It’s been on the market for nearly 6 months so why hasn’t it sold?  For starters, there aren’t that many people running around looking for a $3 million dollar home, and those that are have plenty of choices these days.  I think the thing holding those select buyers back is the fact that most people will still want a pool, a top of the line gourmet kitchen, and more space for entertaining.  Now this one has plans for all of that, but it’s probably going to cost you another 1/2 million to get it.  Despite those desires, this is one of my all-time favorite homes in PV and if I would love nothing more that to represent the next owner on the purchase.

Recently in Escrow

4400 Lucera Circle, $1,349,000 – This recent flip is a huge improvement to what was there and I’m sure the investors will be nicely rewarded when it closes.

4013 Via Nivel, $1,158,750 – This is the rare Valmonte foreclosure.  It needs works and will make either a great teardown or one you take to the studs and add square footage.

3700 PV Drive N, $1,175,000 – This is a nicely kept traditional Valmonte home that offers a great starting point for someone looking to get into the neighborhood.  It’s on the Palomino trail side of the drive which is an added bonus.

2716 Via Anita, $1,395,000 – at $573/foot, this is one of the best deals in PVE.  It has a great backyard and with some improvements will make a great home for the new owners.

3325 PV Drive N, $1,549,000 – This one went straight into escrow without even being listed. If it closes at the list price, other home owners on PV Drive and with similar sized homes will be happy with this comp.

NB: The last listing above brings up an important point.  If you are looking to buy, sell, or even refinance your home, recent sales are a key measure of the value of a home.  No two homes in Valmonte are the same, so it’s impossible to determine a price solely off a recent sale.  However, the more recent the sale of a home with similar features, size, or location to one you own or are considering buying, will help you determine the home’s market value.

There are the January 2017 Valmonte listings in a nutshell.  If you want to discuss the market or the value of your home, feel free to contact me directly or for a quick snapshot of your home’s value, visit for a free report.

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