PV Little League, the Tradition Continues

Since 1954

When we first moved to Valmonte, one of the first things our neighbors told us not to miss was baseball season, especially the burgers.  Having grown up not too far down the road in Hermosa Beach, I thought to myself “sure, Little League was fun, but what’s the big deal?”  At the time my son was only 1, so it seemed like a distant event.  Well, Spring came around that year, and it didn’t take long on that first Saturday for the smell of the burgers on the grill to drift down from the field and into our yard.  So our Saturdays at the swingset with our little one soon became Saturdays with burgers at the swingset.  My little guy enjoyed watching the big boys on the main Valmonte field play ball, and we had a good excuse to be a part of the community.  Fast forward 4 years and our little guy is in his first season of T-Ball, and we are in the thick of it.  Now I too will get to be the one flipping burgers on the grill, cheering on our aspiring sluggers on the diamond, and officially becoming a Little League Dad.

The Phillies on a 100 year old fire engine

Opening Day Parade

This weekend we celebrated Opening Day and the 62nd PV Little League season with the traditional parade from Malaga Cove field to Valmonte Field.  It was incredible to see the teams out decorating their team floats and trucks – a true bonding event for everyone.  Even more impressive was the huge support from neighbors and local families who lined PV Drive North to cheer the teams on. Between the tasty burgers at the field and the traditions like the parade, whether you’re a Little League parent or fan, baseball season in Valmonte is a neighborhood tradition to cherish.  Play Ball!

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